About Us

Naql Platform aims to facilitate the creation of Vehicle Operating Cards (VOCs), permits and licenses to all individuals and institutions operating within the Sultanate in land transport activities in accordance with the Land Transport Law of the Sultanate of Oman.

Naql Platform

Is a digital platform for the services of issuing VOCs, permits and licenses for all individuals and companies working in land transport activities, and it is one of the foundations of implementing the executive regulations of the new Land Transport Law to regulate the land transport sector in the Sultanate. To increase the efficiency of the platform, it has been linked to the systems of both Royal Oman Police and Invest Easy in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to track and regulate the land transport details, drivers and the activities authorized for the companies.

Platform Objectives

  • Issuance of Vehicle Operating Cards (VOCs) for land transport means
  • Fast provision of services for users, and transitioning to a digital system in the issuance of permits and licenses
  • Preparing a database for institutes, trucks, buses, taxis and land transport users working in this sector
  • Following up on Land Transport Law compliance

Platform Services

  • Issuance and renewal of VOCs
  • Other VOC services such as modifying, canceling, transferring…etc.
  • Permits for exceptional loads
  • Taxi license issuance
  • Foreign vehicle permits to stay more than 7 days in the Sultanate
  • Foreign vehicle permits to transport goods between two cities